Autism Resources in Jackson Mississippi

My oldest son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at the age of 4. He struggled with speech early on and with the help of speech therapy he has progressed to fluent speech with excellent articulation. He even started teaching himself to read at 4. My husband and I were not prepared for how to best help our son with his education. Through many trials and tribulations we have managed to find some amazing people in the Jackson area that do wonderful work with children on the spectrum. This is a list of resources we have found.

Blue Sky Behavioral Services

  • offers ABA therapy for children and parents
  • Board Certified BCBA Neelima Duncan

Canopy Children's Solutions

  • offers ABA therapy for children and parents
  • many services including adoption and family support

First Steps Early Intervention Program

  • MS State Department of Health
  • evaluation and interventions for developmental delays

The Jackson Autism Center

  • psychologist Dr. Rebecca Mullican
  • offers toilet training support
  • support group meets monthly for parents
  • many services include evaluations and interventions

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