Friday, February 23, 2018


What I've learned with my first born is teething comes at all ages. Some references say 4-7 months and as late as a year. My baby was an early bloomer and got his first at 4 months and didn't stop until he had 8 teeth, 6 months later. Right before his first birthday we noticed a bit more biting and chewing on things. 4 molars are working their way in. He's been teething his whole life! Mostly he drools and chews, occasionally fever, but I don't think diarrhea is a symptom of teething. Sensitive skin may break out around the mouth, I tried to keep his face dry by blotting a bib frequently but never used an ointment.

So what do we do about it? The teeth he has are sensitive so popsicles and frozen rings aren't a favorite. Instead we freeze wet washcloths. For the molars, he likes frozen grapes he can gnaw on. I still have teething tablets from Hylands and Little Rememdies so he gets those at night. I don't treat fever unless he's cranky.

originally posted 3/11/2011