Thursday, July 18, 2013

Traceable Letters For On The Go Learning

Supplies needed:
heat laminator
printer with ink and paper
binder ring
name badge laminate sleeves
dry erase crayons 
font found here
** you can substitute badge holders with pockets if you don't have a laminator**
I have a Duck brand heat laminator I bought at Walmart years ago. Not sure if they're still available. It's pictured above. I also helped myself to a glass of red wine to ease the pain of cutting paper. I ordered my sleeves on

First I googled for a kids traceable font with lines. Then I typed each letter on a single line, centered.
I cut them free hand so they're crooked and uneven so my kids know mommy made them herself just for them. I printed each page twice to make double sided cards. I thought about gluing the pages together but after running that through the laminator and seeing the glue through the letters decided it wasn't the way to go.
Some of the letters I had to cut out for the ring hole. Naturally, they were G, P, Q, and Y.
 In the end it looks like this.