Sunday, December 20, 2009

how many ways can you predict gender in a pregnant belly?

First I consulted the Chinese Gender Predictor.  Based on my age and month of conception, we're having a girl.

Then, my grandmother did the string and needle test over my palm, again, girl. (Circle means girl, straight means boy)
That wasn't good enough so she did it over my belly too.  GIRL.

Hmm... I'm thinking it's a boy because of the lack of morning sickness.  Moner (Jas' grandmother) told me it was a boy first time she saw my bump.  Jason thinks it's a girl.

I did the string needle test on myself and let it go for several minutes.  It's incredibly hard to keep still for very long.  First it said girl, stopped, said boy, stopped, and another boy.  But then I had to quit.  Seems like I'll be having at least three, girl then two boys.

So, the guess is on.  We have no idea but more theories point to a girl.  Will possibly find out at the end of January.

Until then, I'll call him Liam and Jason will call her Poppy.