Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daily Chores

My husband got the bright idea that we need to schedule a room to clean each day to keep our house livable. It will never be spotless again. Not with two toddlers who throw sippy cups full of milk across the room where they roll under the couch, or at dinner when they're finished eating and just drop their plates from their highchairs onto the floor splashing food on all surfaces in range. Forget the splash sheet, our dogs can't even keep the kitchen floor clear of food! I agree, instead of cleaning every room every day, one room each day might actually get accomplished around here. After looking at several formats and reminders of what ought to be cleaned regularly I came up with a poster for my family. Notice there is nothing there about organizing anything. Yeah, as organized as my brain can be, I cannot keep my house that way. I blame it on the lack of cabinet space and closets. I mean, my sewing machine lives on a table next to my kitchen table with the projects in bags underneath or on top. I forgot to add "dust the sewing machine corner" to the list. Oh well, everything here is a work in progress! Here is my master design.
We're starting Friday since Thursday is technically a holiday and I need an excuse to postpone this!

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