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 American Sign Language for babies and families to foster communication before speaking. Rachel Coleman learned her daughter Leah was deaf at 14 months and started teaching her ASL. She quickly found that Leah's vocabulary surpassed her peers. When Rachel's sister Emilie started her family, they too learned sign language to communicate with Leah. From there a community was born. Join Rachel, Leah, Alex, and Hopkins in learning ASL with song and dance. For children from birth to 3 years, start with Baby Signing Time and progress to Signing Time Series 1 and Series 2. There are also resources for families with special needs.

An educational preschool series from the creators of Signing Time. The shows use the CORI method of teaching. The first 9 episodes were funded solely by parents and education supporters through Kickstarter.

Recommended Reading
Disclaimer **Some of these books are biased regarding breastfeeding, sleep methods, and discipline. I do not recommend using one book as the go-to-guide but rather as a reference for what options are out there. I use a combination of websites, family, friends, books, and my own instinct to raise my children. These are the books I've read and used to form my own opinions and methods.** Amazon made it easy to find and purchase these books directly from my blog :)

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